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Network (Server) License – Time-Saving Setup & Efficient Use of 100% PDF Power

local network licenseServer and Network Solutions

The local network license (LNL) allows you to install and use our PDF products simultaneously on multiple workstations (multi-user solution) without an activation on each workstation. To use this license, the LNL service must be installed and running on the server or another computer on your local network. Two types of network license exist: “Standard” and “Business”. A price list is available at the bottom of this page.

The network license “Standard” enables you to:
  • Install and use a product on multiple workstations in your local network without activation
  • Install a product via Citrix or Terminal Server and use it on multiple workplaces
  • Install a product in a virtual instance of Windows via a VMware host and use it via multiple Remote Desktop Connections

In addition, the network license “Business” allows this: if a client has been disconnected from the network but must still be able to work with the Perfect PDF® program, a so called decentralized usage (offline mode) is possible. In this case the client should be connected to the network and the Perfect PDF® program should be started at least once to get a client license. After that the client is independent from the centralized license monitoring.

The network license defines and controls the permitted number of workstations that a product can run on. It is not a floating license! The number of installed and available clients is fixed. The product must be installed on the individual workstations if you do not have Citrix, Terminal Server or a virtual server in your network. Silent installation is also possible. The LNL service is accessible within the local network via the HTTP protocol and can be managed from any web browser. LNL DescriptionThe network license is available if you purchase at least 10 user licenses. You find detailed information about network licensing in a guide document:

Trial Version of Network License

If you want to test our products with a network license, a trial version of LNL including 10 user licenses is available. The trial version allows you to run the product in trial mode. There are no time or feature limits in this mode, but all PDFs will be watermarked.

Please contact our support in order to request a trial version.

Local Network & Server License

Network License Perfect PDF® 11 Premium (Standard)

10 Clients
39.99 € per client
11-50 Clients
34.99 € per client
51-100 Clients
29.99 € per client

Send us a request for the prices of business version.

Network License Perfect PDF® & Print 10 (Standard)

10 Clients
59.99 €
per client
11-20 Clients
54.99 €
per client
21-50 Clients
51.99 €
per client
51-100 Clients
49.99 €
per client

You are interested in our business license? Please send us an email request.

Perfect PDF 10 Premium