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Perfect PDF® 10 Premium
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The Perfect PDF® 9 Editor offers various functions but as its name says, its core function is to edit PDF documents. If you are in need of an all-in-one solution to process PDF documents, Perfect PDF® 10 Premium is the right choice. For only 19.99 € you can upgrade your free Perfect PDF® Editor to the recent Version of Perfect PDF Premium. Additional, useful features included in Perfect PDF® 10 are the conversion of nearly all types of electronic documents into the PDF or PDF/A format, merging of PDF documents and an OCR module to recognize text in scanned images/PDF files. Moreover there are some new features in Version 10 of Perfect PDF like a language switching (English, German, French, Italian), advanced Office 2016 support, a new PDF engine (PDF SDK version 12) as well as improved performance for rendering and display of PDF documents. For more information, visit the corresponding page. Regular Price is 49.99 €.

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Additional Features


PDF printer: quickly create PDF or PDF/A (PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3) files in any application that allows printing


Direct PDF creation via Perfect PDF® 10 integration with an additional toolbar into Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org applications


Import a rich set of meta data from Microsoft Office documents into the PDF file: links, tables of content, bookmarks, form fields, comments


Batch processing: conveniently merge multiple non-PDF files in one PDF or in separate PDFs, recognize text in PDF or image files


Merge various print jobs in one document


OCR feature: recognition, search and export of text


Language switching between four language versions in the installed program (English, German, French, Italian)

Perfect PDF 10 Premium

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Perfect PDF 10 PremiumPerfect PDF 10 PremiumPerfect PDF 10 Premium - modify existing PDFsPerfect PDF 10 Premium - with image editor in PDF files