PDF Xpansion SDK 16: PDF Functionality & eInvoicing
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PDF Xpansion SDK 16: PDF Functionality & eInvoicing

PDF Xpansion SDK

Version 16

20 Years of Innovation

Our SDK is a very powerful tool for implementing PDF, PDF/A, XPS & eInvoice functionality into your applications. Among other things, it offers you extensive possibilities for creating and editing the document types mentioned, for displaying them and printing them on paper, for converting between these formats, as well as exporting and/or importing them for other file formats. The functions can be integrated into Windows desktop applications and Windows Apps.

PDF Xpansion SDK Version 16

Royalty Free

Royalty Free
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No developer licenses
Modular Construction
Modular construction

Simple Upgrades

Simple Upgrades
Windows Platform SDK

C++ Builder
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Integrate PDF functionality into your software

Integrate PDF functionality into your software

With the PDF Xpansion SDK you offer PDF functionality in your software – e.g. a viewer, a full-featured PDF editor or powerful annotation tools in PDF documents. The SDK supports almost all languages worldwide.


You want to integrate eInvoice functions into your software and create ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and/or Factur-X invoices (for all formats: Syntax UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice) in the latest version and according to the current standard as well as EU Norm EN 16931? This is easily possible with the PDF SDK.
Zugferd, Xrechnung, Factur-X
XPS- and OXPS features

More core functions

Conversion from/to multiple format(s) is quickly implemented: XPS/OXPS, TXT, raster images, SVG, EMF & HTML. Integration of further XPS/OXPS functionality is also possible.

Viewing and processing dynamic forms (XFA format) for C++ and .NET applications can also become part of your software: Preview in the viewer (without filling in the forms), printing, using the API to access form data (read & fill). The SDK supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in addition to the latest Windows operating systems.

Well-known companies rely on PDF Xpansion technology

PDF SDK mit ZUGFeRDPDF SDK mit XRechnungPDF SDK mit Factur-XPDF API mit ZUGFeRD 2.0
PDF SDK mit XRechnungPDF lib mit ZUGFeRD 2.0PDF API with ZUGFeRD 2.2PDF SDK with ZUGFeRD
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XPS- und OXPS-Features

What’s new in PDF Xpansion SDK 16?

  • Export of XRechnung in UN/CEFACT syntax as UBL syntax
  • Support for XRechnung 3.0
  • Support for ZUGFeRD 2.2
  • Sign PDF documents with third-party solutions or own crypto providers
  • PDF viewer optimizations
  • Improved quality of PDF/A conversion (PDF/A-1 to 4)

PDF-Editor functionality

  • Recreate PDF page content
  • Determine PDF page content for editing, edit texts, images, vectors freely
  • Create and edit form fields
  • Page management: resize, rotate, add, remove pages, etc.
  • Separate, merge documents. Assemble pages (contents)
  • Structuring documents: Layers, Embedded Files, Metadata, Tagged PDF, Articles (Sections), Portfolio

Annotation tools

PDF Xpansion SDK 16 by soft Xpansion supports all types of annotations defined in the PDF specification, among others:

  • Text marking, notes, stamps, watermarks
  • Text box & label, pen, eraser, shapes (line, square, circle, etc.)
  • Media and 3D comments
  • Forms and digital signatures
  • Attachments as comments, feedback & status indicators for comments.
  • nteractive tools for adding all types of comments.

PDF/A fucntionality

With the developer library you can include in your applications functions for creating PDF/A-1-, PDF/A-2-, PDF/A-3 and PDF/A-4-files. All currently existing conformance levels (a, b, u) of the PDF/A format are supported. In contrast to PDF/A-1, the PDF/A-2 standard allows, among other things, compression with JPG2000, transparent elements and PDF layers. PDF/A-2 files may also embed PDF/A documents. In files that comply with the PDF/A-3 standard, not only PDF/A files but any files may be embedded. Thus, for example, the source file can be embedded in a PDF/A-3 file as part of an archive solution or an XML file for invoice processing systems using ZUGFeRD solution.

PDF-Viewer functionality

  • High performance viewer
  • Basic functionality: render pages, display, zoom, navigation, display modes
  • Search documents incl. advanced search
  • Links, Bookmarks (Table of Contents, Outline), Named Destinations
  • Interactive end-user tools: magnifying glass and snapshot, tracker tool (incl. insertion of
    notes, stamps, watermarks), rectangle tool (incl. insertion of fields, references, etc.), text selection, marking, text box, stylus, pen, eraser, vector shapes
  • PDF comments management
  • Dynamic notes: text markup, annotations & pen, shapes
  • Fill in and save forms
  • Digital signatures – validate and sign, timestamp
  • Media Player API
  • View and print eBook formats (EPUB&MOBI)
Integrate PDF functionality into your software

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