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Perfect PDF® & Print

If you have purchased any Perfect PDF® & Print product and require technical support, just send an email to our support team. Please specify your product key in your support request so that we can provide you with quick, accurate service. We also recommend that you send relevant screenshots, error messages and other useful information to help us provide better, faster support. Thank you!

For the new Perfect PDF there are tutorials, a FAQ and important information here: Perfect PDF Support

PDF Xpansion SDK, PDF Render Center

For support issues, please use the contact options in your personal soft Xpansion account.

Microsoft Store Apps

For payment or download questions, please contact Microsoft Store Support. For features of the particular app, get support from soft Xpansion. Please use your soft Xpansion account to contact them.

Family Tree Explorer

For errors in the program, contact our Support Team. For questions on how to use the program, contact our partner USM

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