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The main product families of soft Xpansion consist of PDF and printing tools, which help end users or software developers to manage and process audit-proof electronic documents. The development of PDF & print technology “PDF Xpansion” was  started in 2002 and is used in more than 1 million installations worldwide. The product portfolio of soft Xpansion moves on different levels, depending on the tasks and requirements of the users.

For Companies

Development Kits

PDF Xpansion SDK
Document design
Smartcard certificates
Virtual Printer
Network Products

PDF Render CenterPerfect PDF (LNL)
Server-based software in the corporate network
central & automated PDF generation
Perfect PDF programs as network solution
Perfect PDF & Print 10
Perfect PDF 10 Premium
Offline mode


Our range of products covers different user groups like:

  • Private or first-time users with simple requirements
  • Private and small business users with diverse PDF related tasks and/or who need to convert and print electronic documents
  • Enterprise users who need to manage PDF documents in their networks and document management systems
  • Software developers requiring PDF and document design capabilities for their own software
  • Software developers using PDFs for documentation and help files


The following core components support our PDF Xpansion technology and products in document management and processing environments:

  • Perfect DocuReader: Simple, suitable solution for software help systems as a customizable documentation reader for other products
  • Local-network-licensed, desktop-based complete Perfect PDF® & Print program family
  • PDF Render Center is a centralized server-based program for converting, (re)designing and distributing PDFs across enterprise networks
  • PDF Xpansion SDK: Program your own custom solution in a variety of Windows-based programming environments
  • Perfect PDF® Apps for Windows – Edit, sign, annotate and process PDF files.

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