eInvoicing in Perfect PDF 12
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eInvoicing in Perfect PDF 12

Perfect E-Rechnung

EU-compliant invoicing & read out invoice data

XRechnung 2.0 – 3.0ZUGFeRD 2.0 – 2.2Factur-X 1.0UN/CEFACT CIIUBL 2.1

Perfect E-Rechnung offers numerous features for creating, processing and converting electronic invoices in the XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and FACTUR-X formats. Perfect E-Rechnung is part of the Perfect PDF® 12 product family.


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The functionality is included in the trial version of Perfect PDF®12 and can be downloaded in the free customer account at Perfect PDF 12 (after successful registration of a customer account).*

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Use the upgrade option in the customer account, if you want to add functionality to an existing product key. Perfect E-Rechnung can also be purchased as a single feature or as a separate edition.


*All totals are changed in the eInvoice in the trial version and are fictitious. The resulting files are therefore not intended for productive use.

Create eInvoices

For invoicing to authorities

With Perfect E-Rechnung, electronic invoices can be entered quickly and easily. Thanks to the visualization option, the invoice can be checked directly after entering the data before it is saved in machine-readable format. Electronic invoices that have already been created can be converted into a current format and loaded into the program for processing.
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Specify the format and enter the invoice data – the program does the rest. Once the XML file has been created, it can also be embedded directly in the ZUGFeRD format.


In case an XML file in XRechnung, ZUGFeRD or FACTUR-X format already exists, it can be loaded into the software and the invoice data can then be changed.


Existing XML-based invoices can be converted into any supported format. With ZUGFeRD- & FACTUR-X, the XML file can be embedded after conversion.


  • Creation of outgoing electronic invoices, whereby the XML or PDF/A files comply with the supported standards
  • Extracting the XML part from incoming PDF/A invoices (Factur-X or ZUGFeRD)
  • Display of electronic invoice data (incoming or outgoing, all supported standards) in human-readable form or as an original XML structure, printing of this data (both display forms)
  • Conversion of existing electronic invoices (XML file) between all supported standards, versions and syntaxes
  • Support for additional attachments to electronic invoices (XML and PDF/A files)
  • Support for incoming or outgoing stamps on PDF/A invoices

Example files.

Invoice templates.

All templates provided can be used in the eInvoice viewer. To insert a template in the program, please first open any eInvoice (XML file) and click on “Manage preview templates” in Perfect PDF 12. Please set the selected template as default. There are 2 different template types available.

  • Template of an eInvoice with all necessary details, such as company name, address, etc. and suitable for productive use
  • Templates where the letterhead and/or footer are missing. These templates can be used to apply the style of your corporate identity (e.g. using a Perfect Print project)

Invoice template with complete details

Invoice 1Template, purple (English)Modern template with important information such as contact options and details of the positions as additional pages as an attachment.
Invoice 2Template, lightblue (English)Complete invoice template with minimum requirements

Incomplete invoice template (missing letterhead)

Incomplete invoice 1Template, black (English)Wide margin at the top, thus space for company letterhead. Contact information and detailed information on the items as attachment page(s). Invoice template can be supplemented by a Perfect Print project.
Incomplete invoice 2Template, margin left (English)Invoice template with a wide left margin, therefore suitable for company letterheads that are placed on the left-hand side. Invoice template can be supplemented by a Perfect Print project.

Invoice visualization

Visualization subitemsVisualization, subitems (English)Invoice visualization with all details including sub elements.