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Development Tools: PDF Xpansion SDK & Print to Document

PDF Xpansion Technologie - API von soft XpansionOur Tools for Developer

soft Xpansion PDF & Print development tools include software development kits for processing electronic documents in PDF and other formats, printer drivers, print design libraries, smart cards and digital signature certificates. We’re constantly working to improve and expand our development tools. Our primary development packages are:

PDF Xpansion SDK

PDF processing and print design libraries, also for Windows RT tablets, Windows Phone

E-Invoicing (XML and PDF/A)

XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and Factur-X
Forward-looking & EU-compliant: Invoice creation and reading of invoice data

Print to Document SDK

Development Tool: virtual printer for processing print output from every applications with printer functionailty in Windows

If there are any questions concerning pricing, licensing or features of our development tools, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can test our differents tools by registrating on the corresponding page. Example codes for selected development tools will be delivered after registration.

pdf xpansion technologyDevelopment of PDF Xpansion technology

The work on PDF software, which became the basis of our PDF technology, began in 2002. Our PDF library was the centrepiece of our efforts. It made it possible to make PDF files out of the EMF files that can be captured while printing via a virtual printer. The library created PDF documents corresponding to the current (at that time) PDF specification, 1.4. In 2002, based on the first generation of our PDF technology, “PDFs leicht gemacht” program appeared on the German-speaking market. The program was subsequently introduced in the USA, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries under different names. Work on improving the technology continued, resulting in the second version of our PDF library. It was based on Adobe® PDF specification 1.5, which was published in early 2004. The second version of the library did not only allow users to create and save new PDF files but also to view and edit PDFs created by other programs. On the basis of this new generation of technology, DATA BECKER published “PDF Professionell 2″ in Germany, which was later published in other countries as well.

Starting from the third generation, PDF Xpansion technology became available for use by different software developers (consumer software developers or corporate workflow systems developers) as an independent product (our PDF SDK). The current version of our PDF Xpansion SDK corresponds to the ISO 32000 standard and the Adobe® Supplement to ISO 32000-1, version 1.7, extension level 5. The SDK can handle almost any task related to PDF documents, including converting files to and from PDF and other formats.

Please have a look at some of our references – click here for an excerpt from our list of PDF Xpansion SDK customers.

You can also read about the history of soft Xpansion.

PDF Xpansion SDK PDF Xpansion: Everything You Need

Our development team programs the entire SDK and all its software components in-house. This guarantees a consistent concept, transparent architecture and qualified technical support. The PDF Xpansion libraries and extensions have repeatedly proven themselves in widely-used applications like PDF Freeware, the Perfect PDF® & Print family, various licensed products and diverse applications for other end-users. For an overview, see our PDF SDK customers list. PDF Xpansion is available as a software development kit as well as stand-alone applications for all your PDF needs.


The PDF technology can be used with any Windows version / service pack. The engine is written in C++ and all SDK libraries provide a C++ API. The SDK interfaces support the usage of its components in C++, .NET (C# or VB.NET languages), Delphi, via the COM interface (COM-compatible languages: Delphi, C++ Builder, VB or JavaScript) and some additional special cases. You’ll find more information in our PDF SDK Guide.

Flexible Licensing Policy

Our licensing policy takes into account not only the peculiarities of licensed products but their potential users and application areas as well. Below is a brief overview of the PDF Xpansion license models:

  1. Free license for personal use (Freeware)
  2. Freeware for commercial use
  3. Single workstation license for Perfect PDF® & Print applications
  4. Local network license
  5. PDF SDK license (three different models)
  6. Single server license depending on required features (PDF Render Center)

For more information, please refer to the Licensing Conditions.




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