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PDF Xpansion SDK Products

The following  products can be bought directly on the soft Xpansion pages at our distribution partner ComponentSource.com! Information on the products´ pricing, license conditions, support, subscriptions and details on the features is also available on their web site.

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PDF/A Converter

PDF Xpansion SDK: PDF/A Converter

PDF/A-1,-2, -3 or -4
Conformity Levels a, b, u, f & e
ISO 32000

The PDF/A Converter enables your application to open a PDF file or stream & to convert it to any PDF/A version (1, 2, 3, 4) and conformity level (a, b, u, f, e). You can buy and use each PDF/A version separately, while the decision for a specific version automatically entitles you to support all conformity levels of that version.

PDF Xpansion SDK PDF/A Converter on ComponentSource

PDF Xpansion SDK PDF/A Converter
PDF Viewer
PDF Xpansion SDK Viewer

PDF Xpansion SDK: PDF Viewer

High Performance

The PDF Viewer is a powerful component to seamlessly implement modern document viewing functionality into Business-to-Business, Business-to-Government and Business-to-Consumer applications for UWP apps and desktop programs.

PDF Viewer on ComponentSource

PDFHTML to PDF Converter

PDF Xpansion SDK: HTML to PDF Converter

For UWP Apps
For Desktop Programs
Including HTML Structure

The HTML to PDF Converter creates PDF files from single html files and from complete html structures (linked html files, including images and subfolders). The HTML content may come both from local files and via HTTP/HTTPS connections (online web sites).

HTML to PDF Converter on ComponentSource

Combine & Split

PDF Xpansion SDK: PDF Combiner and Splitter

Hyperlinks, Bookmarks
Annotations, Form Fields

The PDF Combiner & Splitter enables your application to merge existing PDF files to one file (combine them) or split one PDF file into separate files and save the result.

PDF Combiner and Splitter on ComponentSource

PDF Combiner and Splitter
PDF Printer
PDF Document Printer

PDF Xpansion SDK: PDF Document Printer

Print Output, from any application that is capable to print

The PDF Document Printer enables your application to create print output both on a real printer (hardware) and on a virtual printer.

PDF Document Printer on ComponentSource

PDF To Image

PDF Xpansion SDK: PDF to Image Converter

Define Image DPI

The PDF to Image Converter is a component that quickly creates raster image files from PDF documents or document pages for various purposes.

PDF to Image Converter on ComponentSource

PDF to Image Converter
Text Finder and Extractor
PDF Xpansion SDK Text Finder and Extractor

PDF Xpansion SDK: Text Finder and Extractor

Export in Plain Text (.txt)
Search forward & backward

The PDF Finder & Extractor enables your application to open a PDF file or stream, then to search for specific text strings and/or to export the whole text that is included in the PDF from it to a separate plain text file.

Text Finder and Extractor on ComponentSource