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Reactivation Requests and Product Activation

Software activation is a way of protecting our products from piracy. It secures that you receive a quality software product and that you get supported from soft Xpansion. Product activation is an anonymous and secure process designed to promote licensed use of our software. Please note that no private information will be sent to us and no information will be forwarded to others.


The single user license allows you to install and use a product on one workstation (a single operating system on a single computer). This license requires product activation after installation and before using the product. You will be prompted to activate it during the installation. If you installed the trial version or cancelled the product activation during the installation, you can initiate product activation from the Windows Start Menu (soft Xpansion -> Perfect PDF & Print).

Installation on another workstation requires that the software was being uninstalled on the previous workstation. Two or more simultaneously installed copies of the product under one workstation license are not permitted. Using a single workstation license under two or more simultaneous Remote Desktop Connections or for Citrix or Terminal Server installations is not permitted.

Activation by Internet

Activation is usually performed via the Internet. In that case, it takes less than a minute – just enter your product key in the appropriate field and click “OK”. If you don’t have an Internet connection, use a valid email address to send us your product key and hardware code. You’ll receive a file with an activation key that you can open in the activation dialogue. Since activation requires an activation file, it is not possible to activate the software over the phone.

Please note: You’ll have to uninstall the program on your old computer and make a note of the uninstallation code. You’ll need to submit the uninstallation code to reactivate the product.

Defect note : Connection-Error

Please check your internet connection, especially the connection to our server „“. Disable your firewall programs which are in progress on your computer. This means programs like Norton, McAfee, Zone Alarm, AVG and others. This software’s could disturb the activation of Perfect PDF® & Print. You can enable your firewalls after activating your product.

Product Reactivation

If you’ve moved to a new computer or changed your system configuration and you are prompted to reactivate your product, please complete the Reactivation Request form online. If you cannot uninstall the program for some reason, then leave the uninstallation code field empty and instead fill in the “reactivation reason” field. Our team will process your request and notify you by email if your product can be reactivated.

Reactivation Request

In order to fill out the form, please first approve the collection and processing of your personal data.

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Your product edition:
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*If you don’t have an uninstallation code, please tell us why you need to reactivate your product:

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