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The freeware product line from soft Xpansion

is intended for users, who are focusing on high quality, extensive PDF Reader. PDF files can be displayed, annotated, saved and printed comfortably. Not only the basic functions are available in these PDF readers from our freeware, no, there are much more features included than expected. Features like sending PDF files by mail or to extracting pages as image files are a little extra. These options qualify our PDF Reader to much more than a “normal” reader.

Become more familiar with our free products. The usage of the PDF Freeware entails no commitment to users.

We are offering the following PDF freeware:

A powerful PDF Reader with additional features

PDF Reader for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (UWP: PC, Tablets, Phones)

Help files from other programs can be displayed with this PDF Reader

Do you need a program which permits to edit PDF documents, to optimize your print output or to merge several PDF files into one document? These and many other functions are included in our Perfect PDF programs for desktop computers as well as in our apps for WIndows 10. Just check our website!

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