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Perfect Print – Manage your Print Output

Manage your high-quality Print Output

Perfect Print Professional

Perfect Print is soft Xpansion’s unique solution for comfortably creating and managing print output.

Printing templates help you to modify the printed versions of your documents so that they fit perfectly on your stationary, print them with an additional logo, or fit multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

The program simplifies everyday work with content that will be printed on paper (texts, pictures, tables and graphics). Users can create professional-looking reports, brochures and documentation, all free from the restrictions imposed by the application used to create the original document.

Perfect Print is an universal tool providing individual solutions for printing from any application on any printer. It gives you the ability to arrange your content on each page as you see fit, to print images on multiple sheets of paper, to add additional content to existing files, to edit print layouts, to create new documents, to save documents or pages as PDFs or images, to send them directly via email – and much more.

Available languages: Deutsch English Français Italiano

Application Cases:

  • Print multiple pages on a single sheet
  • Print documents on different templates like stationery, invoices, etc.
  • Modify and print entire websites
  • Print booklets and handbooks
  • Print watermarks, headers and footers
  • Print greeting cards, invitations, labels, etc.
  • Save documents as PDFs and images
  • Decorate PDF documents
  • Save ink, toner and paper
  • Perfect Print Professional: professional program for a flexible creation and application of differents layout types in your office

    The differences between the two versions and complete functionality are explained here.


    Perfect Print offers several advantages compared to the layout management solutions provided by printer drivers or other applications:

  • Always the same behavior and the same rules, no matter what application created the source document
  • Application-independent
  • Wide selection of features, many of which are missing or only partly available in other programs
  • One-click PDF and image creation
  • Nearly unlimited possibilities for user-defined layouts
  • Packed with features but still user-friendly

Read and Use PDFs

Selected PDFs can be used as backgrounds or as templates for your documents. Convert your stationary or invoice templates to PDFs and save them in Perfect Print as layouts. You can then print your documents using the selected layouts on your real printer without even having to open the original program.

That is What Perfect Print Offers:

Import and Edit Documents

  • Import documents from print jobs
  • Create a new document from a text or image file
  • Open a PDF as a document
  • Import a document from a scanner or webcam
  • Restructure document pages without altering the original: Add, duplicate, delete, rotate or reorder pages and edit document properties
  • Combine multiple print jobs into a single document

Preset Layouts

  • Preset layouts: Rearrange pages, re-layout pages, albums and custom options
  • Preset layouts: Booklet, poster and multi-section layout *)
  • Print documents on selected stationery
  • Design documents with the help of a template; hide selected areas
  • Print multiple pages on a single sheet
  • Print one page on multiple sheets (poster printing) *)
  • Save space and paper: User-defined placement of document pages on each sheet
  • Vast paper stock database (approx. 500 types of paper from many manufacturers): Determine layout settings comfortably and accurately
  • Print documents as booklets*)
  • Layouts with multiple sections: Use more than one layout in a single document *)
  • Multifaceted design possibilities: *)
    • More images: Logos, frames, and other design elements
    • More texts: Addresses, corporate info and preset greetings
    • Watermarks
    • Include existing PDFs in your designs

Edit Layouts

  • Create a new layout based on an existing layout and save it
  • Freely edit and alter layouts with additional objects *)
  • Control layout settings like borders, number of pages per sheet, background, layers and positioning of individual pages
  • Combine several layouts in a single layout (multi-section layout) *)

*) Not available in Express edition

Printer Performance

Perfect Print  uses a virtual printer based on soft Xpansion’s Print to Document  technology. Print jobs can thus be more finely managed and, once received by the virtual printer, can be processed or modified using Perfect Print before they are printed.

  • Virtual printer driver: Print jobs can be saved for later use as well as sent directly to a real printer
  • Apply a layout to a document, print it, save it as a PDF and/or send it via email as part of a workflow without opening the original program
  • Save ink and toner: Set print quality
  • Block selected pages or layout sections from printing
  • Save individual pages as images

Create PDFs

  • Create PDF files from printable documents and files using your application of choice
  • Save print jobs as PDF files with selected layouts
  • Create PDFs directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio and Project with just a click of your mouse
  • One-click creation of PDFs from printable files directly within Windows Explorer
  • Create PDF/A files and save PDF/A files directly from applications listed above
  • Manage PDF settings (properties, fonts, images, etc.)

PDF Reader

  • Display, print and search
  • Fill out, print and save interactive PDF forms
  • Digitally sign and certify PDF documents
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox integration

Additional Features

  • Modern ribbon interface
  • Set individual profiles and configure your virtual printer
  • Save print jobs and layouts together for later use
  • Comfortably email PDFs immediately after creation


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