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Calculation and Design of Machine Components

mdesignMDESIGN – Calculation Software for Mechanical Design

MDESIGN – a software calculation and optimization system for engineering companies as well as an information system for engineers. TEDATA, based in Germany, has developed MDESIGN since 1990.

Today, MDESIGN is a reliable partner for more than 30,000 engineers in 3,000 companies around the world. The engineering tools collection includes more than 500 mechanical calculations and an authoring system for application calculations development. MDESIGN databases are pre-loaded with a wide range of normalized data for different engineering applications. MDESIGN counts many well-known companies among its customers, including BMW AG, Bosch GmbH, Siemens AG, SKF, Daimler AG, EADS, Iveсo Magirus AG, Ferrari S.P.A. and Porsche AG.

MDESIGN is one of the best CAE systems and a leading engineering software tool in Germany and the rest of Europe. MDESIGN is distributed and utilized in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Italy, Brazil and in Russian-speaking countries. It enables users to calculate and analyze almost all mechanical components using current standards and methods specified by DIN, ISO, VDI, ANSI, GOST, etc.

MDESIGN contains an authoring system with a simple graphical programming environment called MDESIGN author. It enables you to create your own calculation modules for MDESIGN, even if you aren’t a professional programmer. MDESIGN author provides a wide range of possibilities for using databases, 2D and 3D graphics as well as for adding text-based and graphical help resources to your module.

Automatic and customizable documentation is also an important feature. MDESIGN creates the calculation documentation for you and makes your design and calculation process transparent and traceable along the way. Documents can be saved as PDF, Word or HTML files. You can use different layouts to design and customize your documents.

MDESIGN generates documentation including input data, boundary conditions and results in line with the calculation process. You can format and customize documents according to your necessities. The output can then be sent to a printer or a file (RTF, XML, HTML or PDF/A).

Benefits of MDESIGN:

  • Accelerated calculation processes, standardized CAE
  • Modern, intuitive interface that’s identical for all calculation modules, allowing even inexperienced users to quickly learn, execute and design calculations
  • Professional service and maintenance for developing and using MDESIGN calculation modules for modern domestic and foreign methods and standards (DIN, ISO, ANSI, GOST, VDI, etc.)
  • Develop your own calculation libraries for your company
  • Graphical input methods and data selection from the databases
  • Integrated parametric analysis and optimization
  • Output documentation according to international standards and in the archival PDF/A format
  • Continual development of MDESIGN as well as maintenance and user support.

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