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Human Resources Administration Portal

icon_sbportalPortal for HR Administration

Development and runtime environment:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Active Directory Integration authorization
  • K2 Blackpearl workflow integration
  • SAP integration over BizTalk

Base Properties:

  • Unified space for HR employees
  • Integration with the company’s internal services
  • Automation of the main HR business processes of the company
  • Visualization of the stages of the business process

Portal provides services for the submission and processing of applications for HR:

Submission and approval of applications for dismissal

  • The employee registers an application for the dismissal in the system
  • Enters information on reasons for dismissal, date, etc
  • Application being agreed, during which comments on matching employees formed an opinion on the application
  • Along with the statement made approval (signature) bypass sheet lay off employees.
  • As a result of processing the application forms documents: an application for dismissal, conclusions about the dismissal and bypass sheet.

Submission and approval of changes in staffing

  • Responsible Officer forms an application, enters information about adding \ removing staff units (unit \ positions).
  • Application being agreed
  • After that, of the agreed proposals generated consolidated application, which also is in the process of agreement
  • The result is a report with a list of agreed changes in staffing

Submission and approval of applications for recruitment

  • Responsible Officer generates a request for the current staffing position
  • Introduces the requirements for candidates
  • Application being approved
  • The initiator of the process selects the final candidate, who passes the approval procedure
  • Candidate passes registration of the candidate for the position


Corporate portal - Human ressources Corporate portal - Human ressourcesCorporate portal - Human ressources





Corporate portal - Human ressources Corporate portal - Human ressourcesCorporate portal - Human ressources






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