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Corporate Collaboration Portals

corporate collaboration portals

Corporate portal

– an effective tool for organizing collaboration, document management, business process automation, storage and processing of data and facilitating the exchange of information between employees, departments and partners at your company.

Corporate portal scenarios:

Internal information resource for enterprises:

  • Structured deployment of materials and documents related to the daily work of your employees
  • Well-organized document retrieval system
  • Informational materials: news, messages, announcements, reminders, birthdays and congratulations, etc.
  • Employee communication forums and instant messaging

Collaboration and teamwork:

  • Rooms for project teams and departments
  • Group calendar
  • Task management system and fulfillment monitoring
  • Version-controlled document repository
  • Wiki-like system – users can create and edit pages on their own (with and without restrictions on editing rights)

Integration with other enterprise information systems

Users gain a centralized point for accessing data from different systems:

  • Web interface for e-mail, CRM, accounting and bookkeeping programs, etc.
  • Ability to access and process data in different enterprise databases and repositories


Corporate portals implemented by soft Xpansion:


Soft Xpansion implements corporate portals based on the Microsoft SharePoint and EMC® Documentum® eRoom® platforms.