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Flexible and powerful development tools for implementation of high-performance solutions of many PDF software applications, like the Windows Store Apps or ZUGFeRD 2.0, XRechnung & Factur-X.

PDF Xpansion SDK

EU-compliant invoice generation according to standard EN 16931 with the PDF SDK: ZUGFeRD 2.1.1/2.0, XRechnung as well as Factur-X – All versions and profiles! Also for .NET! Mandatory from 2025.


The Perfect PDF® & Print product family permits you the foolproof editing of existing PDF files – like a text processing program.

Perfect PDF

You can get updated apps for Windows 10 for the extensive work of documents in the Windows Store. Tutorials of the apps are available on our Youtube Channel.

Windows Apps

PDF Xpansion SDK supports Universal Windows Platform

PDF Xpansion SDK 16 — new generation, compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Store applications!

Perfect PDF Reader — free, light and especially for the Windows Store – PDF Xpansion Reader for your Windows tablet PC and smartphone!

Perfect PDF® — fast, user-friendly application family for viewing, editing, printing and converting high-quality PDF, PDF/A and XPS documents across platforms and devices.

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Reference Customers & Details on the PDF SDK

Major companies like HUK-Coburg, ThyssenKrupp, Bundesdruckerei (German Federal Printing Office) and many others are satisfied customers of our PDF Xpansion SDK (Software Development Kit for portable document formats – PDF, PDF/A, XPS) who have enjoyed their diverse advantages for years. Thanks to our flexible pricing, you only pay for the PDF Xpansion SDK components that you actually need. Any questions? Just contact us.