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PDF Server Solutions – PDF Server product family

pdfrc_240Centralized and Automated PDF Creation and Distribution

Server solutions for PDF document management from soft Xpansion allow you to convert Microsoft Office documents, plain texts, images and other printable files in PDF, PDF/A and image formats. Besides it is also possible to design documents with watermarks, stamps, digital signatures, etc. automatically, use letterheads and backgrounds as well as other design features. The documents can be controlled and distributed comfortably and performant in your documents management workflows. Different source document types as well as output types can be set using diverse settings functionality.

PDF Server product family from soft Xpansion contains of three products:

  • PDF Creator Server – simplest solution for PDF conversion, design and distribution in small office and home office.
  • PDF Creator Server Business Edition – in addition an automatic PDF conversion via folder watcher, conversion in PDF/A, direct and automated conversion of Microsoft Office, text and image files.
  • PDF Render Center – the all-rounder for automatic PDF conversion, design and distribution with a lot of additional functions.

The comparative table below shows you the most important features of all products:

Functions, Properties PDF Creator Server PDF Creator Server

Business Edition
PDF Render Center
Number of Clients55Unlimited
Number of pages per week100100Unlimited
Document Sources (Input Data)   
PDF printer
Folder watcher (incl. FTP) 
Mailbox and Outlook watcher  
Virtual drive (TCP/IP)  
HTTP portal  
DMS connector  
Document Destinations (Output Data)   
Copy to folder (incl. FTP)
Virtual drive (TCP/IP)  
E-mail (SMTP protocol)
HTTP portal  
Document management systems
Source Files*   
Converting via PDF printer   
Arbitrary printable files
Converting without PDF printer   
Word, Excel, PowerPoint 
Text, Rich Text 
Images (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF) 
Target File Formats   
Images (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF)  
Simple Text  
Import of Meta data  
Additional Processing   
Digital Signatur
Define letterheads
Define watermarks, stamps, letterheads, headers, footers
Customize layout  
Resource manager
Monitor (Logging Functionality)   
Log and display events
Event filter
Process print jobs
Performance monitor
User, Accounts and Profile Management   
Network users
Personalized accounts
PDF profiles
Installation help and support  

*) With the help of printing function in your applications you can convert in PDF arbitrary files