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PDF Xpansion

icon_puzzleis a continually-evolving technology for creating, processing and managing electronic documents in PDF and related formats:

  • PDF, ISO 32000 and Adobe® Supplement to ISO 32000-1, version 1.7, extension level 5
  • PDF/A-1a, -1b, ISO 19005-1:2005
  • PDF/A-2, ISO 19005-2:2011
  • PDF/A-3, ISO 19005-3:2012
  • XPS – Microsoft® Open XML Paper Specification
  • XML – Extensible Markup Language format
  • dynamic forms (XFA-format) for C++ and .NET-applications
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) and other raster image formats (SVG, EMF, HTML, MathML, DOCX)
  • Various documents in printable formats
  • Linear or matrix barcodes
  • Certificates for digital document signatures
  • Special formats for converting, designing and processing electronic documents
More information about data formats: Download the PDF Xpansion SDK Guide and our guide to Document Formats in DMS (German).
Our PDF Xpansion technology focuses on the PDF format, which is widely recognized as the most suitable and universal electronic document format. Our PDF Xpansion technology focuses on:

  • Creating documents and objects and converting between many document formats
  • Reading and displaying documents, including all their necessary, useful navigation and service features
  • Annotating documents, including many annotation methods, embedded files, etc.
  • Rich-content editing using a large variety of editing functions for all content objects
  • Integration in and with most frequently-used Windows applications
  • Organizing data and workflows


PDF Xpansion technology is employed in many products produced by our customers, which range from document management companies (like EMC Corp. and docuware) to application software product developers (like Buhl Data Service and DATA BECKER) to companies that employ our technology internally (like ThyssenKrupp and HUK-COBURG). Click here for more information on our PDF customers. soft Xpansion is a member of the PDF Association, a cooperative initiative uniting several leading international enterprises and experts in the field of PDF technology. Today, PDF Xpansion is an effective and reliable technology for both end-users and enterprises working with PDF documents. Four categories of PDF products powered by our technology satisfy all the needs of PDF creators and consumers:

  1. PDF Freeware: For innovative customers. Our freeware products are helpful for anyone who works with PDF documents. Read documents, add your signature and fill out forms. For use in the office or at home.
  2. Perfect PDF® & Print family: For home and small-business use. A suite of products devoted to creating, editing and managing PDF documents for home and small- to mid-sized business users.
  3. PDF Render Center: Server-based solution for enterprises with high-volume document traffic. PDF RC enables you to convert documents in batches and manipulate PDF files. It can be integrated into document management systems. This solution is ideal for your business, eliminating manual paperwork and automating management of thousands of documents.
  4. PDF Xpansion SDK: For effective, high-performance development. Designed to be well-balanced and efficient. Optimized for low file size and high speed performance.
soft Xpansion Competence Center: You’ll find both introductory and professional articles about selected PDF themes in our Competence Center.