Digital Archiving and Process Centralization
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Digital Archiving and Process Centralization

Digital ArchiveDigital Archiving and Process Centralization for Financial and Insurance Companies

This is a core solution made by soft Xpansion, realized for several customers on different platforms. The complete solution consists of three main modules:

  • Electronic Archive
  • Process Management
  • Paper Archive Management

It offers the following main properties:

  • Each module contains the standard settings for its typical tasks and can be adapted to specific requirements
  • The modules have been seamlessly integrated with each other
  • Either the whole system or individual modules can be used /purchased
  • Step-by-step deployment recommended
  • The modules can be integrated with the customer‘s software already used

The core solution supports multi-platform (individual components can be deployed on Linux, Windows, AIX, Solaris) and horizontal scaling. Here you can find a detailed description of the solution as a PDF document: Digital Archive


The Competence Center offers additional information  based on a case study and process example in the banking sector.

The infrastructure scheme is presented in a failover configuration (full duplication of all components of hardware and software, and load balancing between computing nodes). It provides 2000 users in the system and the simultaneous operation of 600 users, with an average basic operations´ execution time of up to 2 seconds. The environment is fully virtualized.

In addition to the basic solution, the scheme comprises two additional components, namely

  • scanning subsystem with OCR support
  • full text search subsystem in the contents of the documents

 Digital Archive Infrastructure