Delete Page in a PDF Document
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Delete Page in a PDF Document

Remove PDF pages from a document

Especially with larger PDF documents it often happens that superfluous pages have to be deleted or extracted. This can be solved quickly and easily with Perfect PDF®. Here you get an overview of the advantages Perfect PDF® has to offer compared to online applications:

remove pdf page from a document

Local & Safe

Removing the PDF page(s) is done locally on your computer. No data is uploaded to the Internet or the cloud, so only you have access to your data. There is also no waiting time due to overloaded servers.

delete page in a pdf document

Fast & Easy

With Perfect PDF®, you can easily remove a page or page range from an existing PDF document with just a few clicks. This is also easily done with the “Remove” key.

remove page in a pdf

Affordable & Durable

Perfect PDF® programs are licenses for an unlimited time. You can use them over a long period of time without any problems and/or reactivate them when you move to a new computer.

remove pdf pages

Using the menu
  1. Click on the page to be deleted under “Pages”
  2. Click on the red cross above
  3. Select whether to remove only the pages, a page range or even/odd page numbers
delete pdf pages

Via keyboard
  1. Select page with the mouse
  2. “Delete”-key on the keyboard
  3. Determine what to delete
delete page range in pdf document

“Document” in the ribbon
  1. Click on “Document”
  2. Select the red X
  3. select page range or individual pages for deletion


If the command “Delete Pages” was used by mistake, it is possible to undo this action without any problems. Under “Home” simply click on “Undo” or press the Windows key combination “CTRL+Z”.

? More tutorials about working with PDF files can be found in our support area in the section Program help.

Delete PDF pages – with Perfect PDF®

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