How to edit a PDF document with Perfect PDF®
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How to edit a PDF document

Modify existing documents with the Products from Soft Xpansion

How to edit PDF documents

The following desktop programs of the Perfect PDF® product family include a text editor and permit to edit pdf documents like in a text processing program.

The programs Perfect PDF® 10 Converter and Perfect Print do not include a text editor. It is not possible to edit pdfs within this programs.

How to edit a PDF file – Case 1: The document consists of multiple objects (text passages, images, graphic elements)

How to edit PDF files with Perfect PDFOpen the document which should be modified in one of the program listed on top. There are multiple ways to enter the “Editor-Mode”:

  • Key shortcut:
    Press the keys Alt & e at the same time
  • Icon “Pencil”:
    Click on the little, yellow pencil icon on the right bottom side (see illustration left)
  • Icon “Page Content”:
    You can reach a list of text blocks or forms which you can edit in your PDF document via the little Icon “Page Content”, below the ribbon “Home”. (see figure left)

edit your PDFsThe cursor will change while being in the “Editor Mode”. Instead of the typical mouse cursor, a white pen will be displayed as soon as you move the cursor over the document. After entering the “Editor Mode”, you need to double click on the text passage which you want to edit in your PDF file. The text passage should have a yellow background now (as shown in the example). If you want to delete a whole text passage, a simple click on the text field (a blue border will be displayed) and pressing the delete key will be enough. Modifications can be done like in a text processing program.

How to edit a PDF file – Case 2: The document only consists of one (image) object

You are asking yourself ‘How to edit a PDF document which consists of only one element’ ? This can happen if the document was scanned and converted to PDF. Please perform the following steps:

How to edit a scanned PDF file
How to edit existing PDF documents

Click on “Insert/Edit” and select a shape (a rectangle e.g.). You need to put this shape over the text passage you want to edit in the PDF document.

How to edit a scanned PDF file in Perfect PDF

The shape, now displayed on the document as well as in the list of “Page Content”, should get the same background and frame color as the color around. Open the color menu and click on “select”. With the pipette tool, you can comfortably pick up the color in the near of the shape. The same procedure needs to be done for the frame color.

How to edit PDF

The shape still remains on the document, hiding the text which should be modified, but is not visible (it only appears in the list “Page Content”). Adding another text field, will display a new entry in this list. Make your changes and adapt the font size, color and type.

How to edit text in PDF files

As last step you need to rearrange the Z-order. If you do not change the Z-order, the new text field will disappear because the shape is laying on top. Click on the text field, go to Z-order and “Bring to Front”.

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